Karunalaya Trust

(Public Charitable trust - NGO)
Reg. No : 809 / 2010

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Board of Trustees

I. First Trustees

a) Mr. E. Arumugam aged 34 years , son of Erusapather , Resident of NO. l. 828 muthampalyam housing unit-3, kasipalayam post, Erode-638 009 erode taluk, erode district , tamilnadu, india, hereinafter author, founder and managing trustees of the trust and shall hold office for life.

b) Priya (a) P. Saraswathi aged 27 years , wife of E. Arumugam , resident of door no..l.828 muthampalayam housing unit-3 kasipalayam post, erode-638 009, erode taluk, erode district , tamilnadu, india hereinafter called the financial trustee of the trust and shall hola office for one year and is eligible for reappointment.

c) Mr.p. Thangaraj, s/o palanisamy, resident of 318/407, agraharam street, last kuppipalayam, erode back side erode, 638001 erode taluk erode district , tamilnadu, india, hereinafter called the trustee of the trust and shall hold office for one year and is eligible or reappointment.

II. Succession

In the event of vacancy in the office of the Founder – Managing Trust any on his sons/daughters or his nearest relatives or any appointed may become the successor.

III. Co-opted trustees

Other than the above trustee the trust shall appoint four more additional trustee as co-opted trustees, who shall hold office for one year and are eligible for re-appointment.

IV. Board of trustees

All the trustees will collectively be known as Board of trustees

Constitution of board of trustees

The Board of trustees shall have as its members all trustees whether appointed by this indenture or co-opted, with the founder and managing trustees being the trustees mentioned in the articles 5 above. Managing trustees will preside over the board meeting and conduct the proceedings. In this absence, any other trustee chosen by the members attending the meeting will preside over that meeting.

Any trustee can be removed from trusteeship for insolvency or misconduct after a resolution by consensus of all other trustees after opportunity to him in writing. In case of necessary for such removed of hereditary trustee, the next in succession as per article 5 will be the next hereditary trustee.


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